Custom Website Design

We offer a range of custom web design services. Flip through the following items for more detail. If you are in need of a service, feature, or solution not detailed on this page, please contact us to inquire.

1... Design

Visual elements and usability features.

Textures and Lighting

These typically subtle design elements can add a compelling level of beauty, detail, and professionalism to the online experience.

Photos and Vector Graphics

You can provide your own relevant photography, we can help locate stock photos, or even extract vector graphics to maximize the visual appeal of your website.

Layout and Content Flow

Vital to making visitors comfortable and content effective, we consider elements such as the nature of your business, clientelle, and goals of your content to establish the most appealing and effective layouts, while putting the phrase one size fits all to shame.

Color Pallette & Fonts

Carefully selected, these design elements speak to the character of your business and the enjoyment of the user.

Design enhancements

These are some common features that can be seamlessly integrated to enhance the user experience on your custom website.

Navigation Effects

Corner peel animation

Lightbox photo enlargement

Animated page scroll

Content slides and fading

2... Development

Platform, functions, and content.

Wordpress CMS

A dynamic foundation for simplified content updates that can do much more than blogging. In fact, the following functions can all be integrated with this powerful content management platform. Nearly every website in our portfolio uses Wordpress.


Multiple author accounts, visitor comments, Facebook comment options, photo albums, archives, categories, internal search engines, and more.

User Community

Public or private social networks with discussion, conntections, private messaging, photo sharing, directories, internal search engines, and more.

Content Catalog

Post and organize content, such as documents, photos, or products. Privacy levels enable restricting content to community members. Content Catalog Example

Online Store

Custom online shopping environment with a variety of payment integration levels, from referencing an outside Paypal cart to a seamless payment gateway. Inventory management and metrics available for optimal service. Store Example

AJAX Content

Fix Ups and Odd Jobs

custom web environments

3... Marketing

Growing and sustaining website traffic

Search engine optimization

We engage in keyword research to strategically integrate your content in the most search-friendly manner. Follow-up services are also available, pairing analytic monitoring with content adjustments to sustain optimal performance after launching your website.

Analytics and data trends

We are a strong supporter of Google Analytics, a free web traffic data service compatible with all websites. This allows for valuable visitor insights which can enhance marketing efforts.  Use the service directly or have us monitor and digest the data for you.

Social media integration

We can integrate feeds from various networks directly on your website, as well as an array of share buttons to encourage publicity. We can also integrate Facebook API, which enables visitors to post comments without the need for an addition account.

Advertising Design

We offer an array of digital and print design services for advertising campaigns. These products follow the same design theory as each website we create for a premium aesthetic. (See our graphics portfolio)

Logos and identity

Posters, Fliers, Brochures

Digital ads, banners, PDfs

Fash ads & Animated Spots

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